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Selected List of TOP 50

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Toshiba Kamruzzaman


Nazmus Saleh

Srobon Alo (An AI Solution for Visual Impaired Personnel)

Mazharul Islam Leon

Orbital Shaking Incubator for bacteria culture

Tanweer Ahmed

Chitosan based Ceramide loaded Composite (chicec) for Treatment of Burn Patients

Faiza Ahmed

Bionic hand

Gopal Mandal

Phaco emulsification using rotating needle - a newer cheaper technique

Mohammad Abu Yousuf Talukder

Wheeler: An Accessible Mouse for People with Vision Impairments.

Ashiqur Rahman Amit

Quick Check Up (Health Check Up Box with Multi Function)

Shakik Mahmud

Robotic finger exercise Machine

Md. Mahmudun Nobi (Biplob)

IoT based portable device for surveilling cardiology borne diseases and issues of human body

Kusum Tara

Non-invasive Blood Glucose Estimation Using Multi-sensor Based Portable and Wearable System

Arik Subhana

Low-Cost digital stethoscope for disease monitoring

Munia Ferdoushi


Moupia Tajrin


Md. Shariare Islam

Fire Fighting Robot by Using Flame Sensor and Computer Vision

Debobrata Chakraborty

Design and Implementation of Smart Electrical Power Management system on IoT

Muhammad Ahsan Ullah

Water Desalination Technique for Coastal Regions of Bangladesh

Mubasshir Tahmid

Stabilization of medical waste incineration fly ash as mineral filler in hot mix asphalt pavement

Mir Tanvir Al Biruni

Production of chitosan coatings (liquid coat and film) for fruit preservation

Sheikh Md. Enayetul Babar



Making consumer goods available through Vending Machines 24/7 overcoming the social stigma.

Bidyut Debnath

Development Of An IoT Based Fall Detection and Heart Rate monitoring system for seniors

Delwar Hossian

Solar Electrification of Vehicle and other projects.

Engr. ATM Shafiq Ul Alam

Solar irrigation pump grid integration

S.M. Shamim Reza

Automated drone controlling system for agri -industry unmanned drone based aerial pesticide sprayer

Md Ashraful Islam

Captain Earth - Be the change

Md Shamiul Islam Shopnil

3Matrik.com - Virtual Exhibition & Event Platform

Ahmed Sazzad Hossain

Jamdani motif generation using conditional generative adversarial network

Humaire Ferdous Shifa

Developmemt of virtual reality environment to virtually visit histrorical monuments, areological structures, and natural heritage based on VR technology

Md. Rifat Hossian Chowdhury


Jafrin Sultana

Human substitute AI based Gateman with IoT

Punam Chowdhury

Waste Management for Sustainable Life

Md. Abu Musha Suvo

Designing an IoT based smart medication and patient monitoring system

Moshiqul Haque /Khaled Ibne Zinnah Apu

IoT based soil monitoring and automatic irrigation system in the rural area of Bangladesh

Mohammad Shamiur /Rahman Al Nahian

Study in Bangladesh, one stop solution

Sk Azmaeen Bin Amir

rGO Coated Jute Fiber

Morshed Sany

Water vortex

Mohammad Foysal

Non-Invasive Bilirubin Level Quantification and Jaundice Detection by Sclera Image Processing

Rafat Jamal Tazim

A high-risk location awareness

Dr. Armana Sabiha Huq


Nova Ahmed

IoT enabled gesture controlled wheelchair

Md. Repon Islam


Shaid Azmin

Building & Tweaking a quadruped robot for real-world obstacle handling using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Md. Hasibur Rahman

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Resource Allocation in Vehicular Communication Under URLLC

Sadia Islam

Digro - (AI & IoT base Robotic Warehouse & Fulfillment Management Solution.)

Farid Hossain


Ayon Roy

Health Care ( patient medical profile)

Md. Rowshan Khan Rumon

Marine waste management

Mashrur Mozahed

Effective Method for Crops Disease Detection Utilizing CNN

Md Rifat Talukder

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