List of selected projects for the next round

Project NameApplicant’s Name
A high-risk location awarenessDr. Armana Sabiha Huq
Water vortexMohammad Foysal
MedisearchMohammad Nazmul Hasan Pias
Non-Invasive Bilirubin Level Quantification and Jaundice Detection by Sclera Image Processing Rafat Jamal Tazim
Design and Control of an Electrically Powered Knee Prosthesis by Taking Feedback from a Fully Functional LegA.M. Imrul Hasan
Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EVHEV) including solar panels create new way for reduce environment pollution and to give better tomorrow.Abdul Halim (Rony)
(Matir pran) farmers friendly digital portable soil testing deviceAbdullah Al Araf
Auto and semi auto incubator and other Handmade home automation electronics gadgetAbdullah Al Mamun
Performance Evaluation of Microbial Fuel Cell for Removing Chromium from Textile WastewaterAbdullah Al Moinee
Smart unmanned autonomous car-suacAbdullah All Mamun Anik
Searchbd – Search EngineAbir Abedin Khan
Quantum.aiAbir Hossain
True virtual realityAbrar Faiaz Adnan
Face recognition based real-time attendance system using artificial intelligenceAditta Chakraborty
Droupadi – women’s fitness managerAfia Anjum
Sentiment Analysis on Bangla Text using Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) Recurrent Neural NetworkAfrin Ahmed
Water disposal cleaning motor remote controlling carAfrin Faria
Hand gesture controlled robotic nursing assistantAhmed Jebail Meraj – Virtual Exhibition & Event PlatformAhmed Sazzad Hossain
Development of Trichoderma viride mutant with improved mycoremediation potentiality against various heavy metals and mass production capabilityAnjumana Jannati Nur
ZipbusAnoy Nath
Vr showroomAnthony Rozario
Flow talkAnwar Parvez
Non-invasive Blood Glucose Estimation Using Multi-sensor Based Portable and Wearable SystemArik Subhana
Development of Cost-Effective Menstrual Absorbent Pad with Eco-Friendly Antimicrobial FinishArindom Ray
Digital Online Home Delivery Laundry Service Kaporcopor.comAsaduzzaman
Vinci social appAshequr Rahman
Self driving car -TOTOAshik Iqbal
Wheeler: An Accessible Mouse for People with Vision Impairments.Ashiqur Rahman Amit
Mini water turbineA.S.M. Ahsanul Sarkar Akib
Automation Of CUET medical Centre to provide better HealthcareAssaduzzaman
BiniAtiqul Islam Chowdhury
Drone in The Land of BDAvilash Roy
EducombAyon Roy
Mr.71 (an artificial intelligent humanoid robot)Bappy Ahmed
Making consumer goods available through Vending Machines 24/7 overcoming the social stigma.Bidyut Debnath
Smart agro-robotBoktiar Ahmed Bappy
Auto BAUST: A Self Driving Car Prototype Using Computer Vision & Internet of Things (IoT)D.M. Shafaeit Hossain
Fire Fighting Robot by Using Flame Sensor and Computer VisionDebobrata Chakraborty
Development Of An IoT Based Fall Detection and Heart Rate monitoring system for seniorsDelwar Hossian
Design and Develop an Automatic Biodiesel Plant to Produce Biofuel Continuously for IC EngineDr Md Alamgir Hossain
Automatic detection of tympanic membrane and middle ear infection from oto-endoscopic images via convolutional neural networksDr. Mohammad Azam Khan
Let’s furnishEfaz Ahmed
6pi HuntersEmon Baroi
IoT (Internet of Things) based Air Quality Monitor & Gas Safety DeviceEngineer Mohammad Farhan Ferdous
Research, development and launching from Bangladeshi soil a cubesat satellite for Government Weather Monitoring and Military Imagery Intelligence with possibility of future commercial applications for other countries.Engr. Ashikul Islam
Solar Electrification of Vehicle and other projects.Engr. ATM Shafiq Ul Alam
Deep learning based colorectal cancer (crc) tumors predictionEngr. Rahul Deb Mohalder
Development of a Clinical Decision Support System(CDSS) for psychiatry at Chittagong Medical CollegeFaisal Chowdhury
Chitosan based Ceramide loaded Composite (chicec) for Treatment of Burn PatientsFaiza Ahmed
UV light disinfectant robotFarhan Nabi
Design and Development of a Low-Cost Trans-Femoral Prosthesis for the amputees of Bangladesh.Farial Tasnim
Digro – (AI & IoT base Robotic Warehouse & Fulfillment Management Solution.)Farid Hossain
Blockchain Based Credentials (Certificates, Dolil, etc.) Management SystemSujit Biswas
Automatic Bangla audio news transcription & categorizationFarjana Akther
Bioplastic from FISH WASTE(Marina tex)Farzana Siddika
Cloud tailorFaysal Ahmmad Ridoy
An IoT Enabled Intelligent Health Monitoring ToolFerdib-Al-Islam
Robo rehabGausul Azam Ranju
Bionic handGopal Mandal
An Autonomous Surveillance Robot with IoT based Rescue System EnhancementHasan Mahmud
Digitization and interpretation of conventional radiography using artificial intelligence on smartphonesHasib Zunair
Jamdani motif generation using conditional generative adversarial networkHumaire Ferdous Shifa
FoodconnectIfat Rahman Maruf
FocusmindIffath Binta Islam
BraillyIftekhar Ahmed
DOC-BLOCK: A Blockchain Based Authentication System for Digital DocumentsIftekher Toufique Imam
TraceablImad Bin Dabir
NexfleetImrul Kayes
BiocomradeJafrin Sultana
Hyperactivity, Fall and sleep deprivation system to monitor Alzheimer patients using Deep Learning.Jahid Hassan
Spiro a walking Hexapod rescue robot for multi-specialty operation with camera for live stream video.Jahidur Rahman Fahim
SocialicaJannatul Ferdouse Shaky
Fighting against covid-19 using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to nourish sustainable developmentJoy Dey Sharkar
Drug Discovery using Machine LearningK M Arefeen Sultan
Assessment of vaccine potential of in-silico designed multi-epitope peptide vaccine of SARS-cov-2 to combat COVID-19.K. M. Kaderi Kibria
AAA methodK. M. Tanvir Ahmed
AI in medical image diagnosisKaies Al Mahmud
Internet Controlled Multifunctional Unnamed Ground Vehicle for SurveillanceKamanashish Deb Kallol
Towards Devising a Soil Parameter Monitoring System to Improve Plant IrrigationKhadiza Newaz
Designing an IoT based smart medication and patient monitoring systemKhaled Ibn Zinnah Apu
Design and implementation of an interactive smart mirror using artificial intelligenceKhandaker Mohammad Mohi Uddin
IP-GSM Hybrid Telephony system for low-cost and better quality voice callsKhandker Md Nur-A-Alam
Area reduction & Less power consumption VLSI architecture for line coding scheme using PTLKhondoker Jubayer Rahman
IoT based portable device for surveilling cardiology borne diseases and issues of human bodyKusum Tara
Electronic Sports or esports Arena in BangladeshMahibul Islam Fuhad
Plain fareMaliha Meharin Busra
Marine waste managementMashrur Mozahed
CelebriteoMasud Ahmed
Instant cashMasum Hossen
Digital healthcare chainMazharul Hasan
Srobon Alo (An AI Solution for Visual Impaired Personnel)Mazharul Islam Leon
Wi-Fi simMd Abdul Kayoum
Optimization of media and physical parameters for enhanced production of cellulase from cellulytic bacteriaMd Arju Hossain
Automated drone controlling system for agri industry unmanned drone based aerial pesticide sprayerMd Ashraful Islam
Sustainability of Green Banking Practice of Private Commercial banks in Bangladesh during Financial crisis (COVID -19).Md Azgor Ali
Car starting deviceMd Belayet Hossain
Heal over virtual realityMd Fatin Ishmam
Accident Prevention by Driver’s Identification and Drowsiness DetectionMd Imran Hasan
E-Krishi ClinicMd Momin Sarkar
PlastileMd Mostakin Rabbi
MeghMd Nafis Faiyaz
EV charging stationMd Nasrul Islam Limon
Antigravity device based on artificial intelligence.Md Rabiul Alam
 OngshakMd Ridwan Hossian
Effective Method for Crops Disease Detection Utilizing CNNMd Rifat Talukder
Visitor recognition AIMd Rubel
CirclelinerMd Shahriar Amin
Captain Earth – Be the changeMd Shamiul Islam Shopnil
LagvelkiMd Shariful Islam
Daffodil satellite-1Md Ziaul Haque Zim
Sensor based automated rooftop rainwater collection systemMd. Abdul Khaled
Virtual vubonMd. Abdullah Al Maruf
Classifying the usual leaf diseases of paddy plants in Bangladesh using multi-layered CNN architectureMd. Abdullahil-Oaphy
Waste Management for Sustainable LifeMd. Abu Musha Suvo
Design & development of a low-cost automated nurse robot to aid the health workers in the pandemic situationMd. Abul Kashem Niloy
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to improve post stroke difficultiesMd. Akramul Hossain
Low cost artificial hand using EMG signalMd. Alimul Islam
Secure and accountable know your customer (KYC) process using Block Chain technology.Md. Ataur Rahman
Soft error tolerant computer systemsMd. Atik Shahariar
Development of an IoT-enabled automated object recognition system for indoor and outdoor environmentMd. Atikur Rahman
Investigation of DNA Sequencing using FET BiosensorMd. Faruk Ahmed
Biodegradation of plastics by pseudomonas aeruginosa in BangladeshMd. Imam Hossain
Human detection robotMd. Jahid Hsasn Redoy
Artificial intelligence-based blood glucose forecasting of diabetic patient in free-living environmentMd. Jahirul Islam
Firetron Fire Fighting CarMd. Mahmudul Kabir Peyal
Robotic finger exercise MachineMd. Mahmudun Nobi (Biplob)
Automated Food cartMd. Mhamud Hussen Sifat
The horsemenMd. Momenul Haque
fnfbroker – Worlds first parental social networkMd. Monoarul Islam Moon
Role of Electromyography(EMG) for (Muscle Conductivity) managment of Paralyzed PatientMd. Naimul Hasan
Master moshaiMd. Omar Faruque
Efficient brain tumor detection using a novel machine learning approach.Md. Omar Faruque Abir
Facerec: Facial Recognition based Attendance System for School/Super shopMd. Rafiuzzaman Bhuiyan
Farmers’ assistantMd. Rahat Khan Redoy
IoT enabled gesture controlled wheelchairMd. Repon Islam
IoT based smart vending machine for sanitary padMd. Ridoy Hossain
Developmemt of virtual reality environment to virtually visit histrorical monuments, areological structures, and natural heritage based on VR technologyMd. Rifat Hossian Chowdhury
 Health Care ( patient medical profile)Md. Rowshan Khan Rumon
GSM controlled robotMd. Sahidul Islam
SmargyMd. Samiul Islam Sagar
Electrical power saving device(master scheduler)Md. Shabuj Hossen
Raster AIMd. Shahriar Hasan
Ahaar: micro-nutrient based online food ordering cloud kitchen model.Md. Shamim Rahman
LockerMd. Shariare Islam
Machine Learning based approach for automatic detection of fetal health status from Cardio-Tocography dataMd. Tamjid Rayhan
Programmable smart solar ovenMd. Tarif Uddin
Building & Tweaking a quadruped robot for real-world obstacle handling using Machine Learning and Artificial IntelligenceMd. Hasibur Rahman
Development of cyborg Roach for defending unavoidable circumstance.Md. Hasibur Rahman
Fully Automated Smart Printer with Integrated PaymentMd. Mahmudul Hasan
Super efficient iron water filterMD. Mubarak Hussain
RoverMd. Rahul Islam
Solar Li-Poly chargerMd. Salauddin
Driving Experience in Virtual RealityMd. Shariful Islam
Onetech CNCMd. Wasiqur Rahman Shibly
Redai: Mobile app for breathing distress detectionMeemnur Rashid
Sustainable biofuel production through hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) from cultivated yeast (Yarrowia Lipolytica) by using treated wastewater: a potential approach concerning bioenergyMehedi Hasan
Development of optical head mounted display ( OHMD )Mehedi Hasan Himel
Convolutional neural networks and ensemble methods in breast cancer prognosisMir Moynuddin Ahmed Shibly
Stabilization of medical waste incineration fly ash as mineral filler in hot mix asphalt pavementMir Tanvir Al Biruni
Numerical modeling and design of a continuous cell separation microfluidic chipMitu Akter Mou
Phaco emulsification using rotating needle – a newer cheaper techniqueMohammad Abu Yousuf Talukder
The poliMohammad Azim
A novel detection and prevention method of cyber attacks for web applications using MLMohammad Jainal Abedin
Narrow track vehicleMohammad Kamruddin
IoT based soil monitoring and automatic irrigation system in the rural area of BangladeshMohammad Shamiur /Rahman Al Nahian
An IoT based integrated framework for riverine vehicles safety and monitoringMohammad Shamsul Arefin
Contactless Vital Signs detection using radio waveMohiuddin Waresi
rGO Coated Jute FiberMorshed Sany
Pavscore: A live score engine and tournament management systemMostakim Hossain
AquasnacksMoupia Tajrin
Water Desalination Technique for Coastal Regions of BangladeshMubasshir Tahmid
Design and Implementation of Smart Electrical Power Management system on IoTMuhammad Ahsan Ullah
Ultraviolet disinfectant ovenMuhammad Khaled Shalauddin
Low-Cost digital stethoscope for disease monitoringMunia Ferdoushi
Mainly codingNafis Kazi
Design of EEG Based Wheel Chair by Using Color Stimuli and Rhythm AnalysisNafiul Hasan
L’espresso – your local coffeeNafiz Karim Iqbal
Patient monitoring system using IoT and AndroidNanziba Basnin
Goodfel.comNasir Uddin
MindlyNazmus Saleh
City guideNishat Binta Ghani Polook
MuktomonNoor Nafiz Islam
BapreBapNova Ahmed
Solar electric bikeNowaz Shorif
Fast DDOmar Faruk
Automated Rapid Viral Test Robot (Update veebot,A blood-drawing robot )Omar Faruque
Riser: a smart multifunctional robotic crutchPartha Pratim Sarkar
Model Aircraft Computer Aided Design (CAD) of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)Partha Suprathim Barua
Ministry of CodesPrapty Rahman
Sustho.xyzProloy Chandra Deb
Human substitute AI based Gateman with IoTPunam Chowdhury
RoytterRajib Rai
Segmentation of Ten Retinal layers for the Detection & Classification of Eye Diseases(Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic Macular Edema)Reana Raen
AmbucycleRehad Ahmed Sumon
Scholar motionRehanuz Zaman
EclipseRidwan Ahmed
Banana fiberRony Shil
Krishi.AIRukon Uddin
Design and Implementation of Green IoT Gateway module.S M Rezwanul Islam
Solar irrigation pump grid integrationS.M. Shamim Reza
Development of Bricks from Thermoplastic Waste and Comparison with Traditional one.S.M. Maruf Billah
LalgariS.M. Towfik Mustakim
Android application controlled robotic armSadia Anjum Aurna
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Resource Allocation in Vehicular Communication Under URLLCSadia Islam
A new energy positive technological approach for wastewater treatment and bioenergy generation using a photo anoxic baffled reactor (PABR)Sadib Bin Kabir
Using advance filtering technology to reduce air pollution coming out of a fuel operated vehicle and turning them into clean energy.Saif Hossain
1 power sportsSaiful Islam
Endeavourbd: a step to save humanity from pandemicSakhawat Hossen Rakib
Bangla sign language recognition using neural networkSakila Nasrin Setu
Developing a Duck Robot to Support the Bangladeshi Rice FieldSalma Masuda Binta
Smart Health Monitoring System Through Wearable Device and Mobile ApplicationSalma Sultana
An automated low-cost and wearable artificial kidney using microcontrollerSamson Joy Palma
Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio NetworksSanchayan Barua
Robo chefSanim Ahmed Niloy
Robotic Hand for Sign Language DuplicationSaruf Ratul
Automated rice planterSayed Jaber Al Hossain
Digital Doctor (dido) – A Remote Health Monitoring and Management System for Diabetes Patient Using Internet-of-Things (IoT) Perspective: Developing CountriesSayed Makhdum Ullah
Military automation robotsSayed Md Tuaha
Humanoid doctor assistant robotSayed Tanimun Hasan
Advancement in Next Generation Sequencing TechnologySayyeed Mahmud Bulbul
White boxShahir Abdullah
WeblShahriar Ferdous
PixfarShaid Azmin
Quick Check Up (Health Check Up Box with Multi Function)Shakik Mahmud
Energy storage smart brickShariful Islam
Production of chitosan coatings (liquid coat and film) for fruit preservationSheikh Md. Enayetul Babar
Book studioShikdar Maruf Yazdani
Artificial intelligence based domotics using multimodal securityShohelee Afrin Shahela
Owl Hub: An online peer to peer learning platformSiam Ibney Zamil
Study in Bangladesh, one stop solutionSk Azmaeen Bin Amir
KUTIR-Lets Connect the DotsSk Mehedi Hasan Akash
Sentence-Level Emotion Apprehension Through Facial Expression & Speech Verification AnalysisSouvik Das Dipta
TomsatSrijan Banik
Electric mobility solutionSudip Paul
Easier robotics seriesSukanta Sharma Shiplab
Autonomous rubber band irrigatorSyed Abdul Kader
Eco friendly carSyed Md Habibul Bashar
Jute fiber composite bicycleSyed Wasim Ul Huda
Performance Analysis of Data Classifier Techniques for Heart Disease PredictionTanveer Rahman Piyal
Pocket moneyTanvir A Siddiquee
ScaiTanvir Hasan
Orbital Shaking Incubator for bacteria cultureTanweer Ahmed
Automated Irrigation System with Analysis & AlertTasfia Noor Chowdhury
Turn by products of food industry into useful raw materialsTaslima Noor
Pinacall – Connecting the CommunityTawfique Ahmed
LandguardTilottoma Saha
BluepreneurToshiba Kamruzzaman
Designing of Respiration Rate Measurement Device Based on ultrasound proximity sensor & wearable strain sensors and sleep Apnoea DetectionTrishita Ghosh Troyee

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